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TimeBuzzer with musical accompaniment and jingles In this game it is important to press the buzzer as close as possible to 5:00 seconds or 10:00 seconds. The time is counted down to one thousandth of a second. As an alternative you can also use other numerical values such as a radio frequency or prices of various items.
Depending on how exactly the player has reached the target time the device will output different sounds, jingles, celebration or spoken texts. Due to the short playing time the TimeBuzzer is perfectly suitable to come into contact with many visitors on a trade fair within a short time or to generate addresses. More than 2,700 games were played within only three days during the Hanover trade fair! Experience has shown, that the game principle does not need any explanation and that interested people will approach the game on their own in order to check their capacity of reaction. Thus, you will reach a very wide target group since there will be group dynamics effects soon and the visitors frequency will be remarkably increased..

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