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The steady hand game “Buzz Wire” is not a real game of fortune but rather a game of skill: Every contact between the game loop and the wire activates an error LED in a row and an acoustic signal will sound. After the 10th contact the game will be interrupted automatically. Thus, every player can clearly see his current position in the game..

The game's target and challenge is to move the loop until the end of the wire without any contact. The built-in clock increases the suspense as the player does not only have to fight his own capabilities but additionally plays against the clock. After 60 to 90 seconds the game will be terminated automatically. We can bend the wire into (almost) any desired shape. The wire will be adjusted to your design. We set high priority to safety: The module complies with the fire protection regulations (B1) and fulfils the regulations for event technology of the professional association. By using high quality LEDs that are bright as day the game can also be played outdoors..

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