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  1. Handauslöser für Bingo und el. Spiele
    Remote control for bingo and el. games
    €85.00 zzgl. MwSt.
    Manual Release - the elegant solution for operating the game. This remote control gives you more room to move. It can be combined with almost all of our electronic games and will be made-up with a cable in the required length. Learn More
  2. Bingotickets
    Bingotickets 75
    The game system 24/75 is played with four rows with 5 number each and a centre row with four numbers on one ticket Learn More
  3. Bullshitbingo
    €0.03 zzgl. MwSt.
    You find the meetings also boring?

    Here is the opportunity to change it!

    Download the game for free. The price is only for a piece of paper.

    Learn More
  4. Bingotickets
    Bingotickets 90

    Game system 15/90 which means that sequences of numbers are printed on a ticket three at 5 numbers each. One can feign 1, either 2 or 3 rows until the first prize is drawn. The more rows are feigned, the longer the dwell time of the players is. The tickets are available in the colors in yellow, orange, green, gray, pink, pink and blue (delivery after availability). Learn More

4 Items

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